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Gone are the days of simple mobile phones like the famous Nokia Nowadays, mobile phones have become smartphones.

These devices run on complex software like Android, iOS, Windows etc. Moreover, millions of apps are out there which vary in performance, quality and resource utilization. Phone hanging refers to the state when a mobile phone will stop responding to the commands of user.

18 of the most annoying Galaxy Note 4 problems and how to fix them

It is also called phone crash and is characterized by screen freeze. When hung, no matter what you do, your phone will refuse to do anything. In this article we will learn about the reasons behind phone hang and possible solutions of this omnipresent problem. Occasional phone hanging should not be a cause of worry, but if it happens often, then you should try the tips given below.

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Reasons and solutions of the mobile phone hang problem. Each mobile phone comes has a limited amount of resources like memory RAM and processing power. If you overburden the phone beyond the capacity of these resources, the phone may hang.

samsung note 4 hang problem solution

So, you should try and minimize the number of concurrently running apps. There are a number of apps that run in the background. Mobile app developers keep on improving performance of their apps. Therefore it is highly recommended that you regularly update all the apps as and when a better version is available. Latest versions of apps may be designed to use lesser memory and CPU power.

Shutting down your phone every once in a while is a good idea because it will completely refresh the memory of phone. When you will restart your phone, its memory will be free of all the unnecessary pieces of data that were lingering on and occupying the memory space.

This tip may not have any big effect at all in most cases. But it is also a good idea to remove battery and SIM card after every few months. Removing battery and SIM will clean the dust from the electric touch points. It is fine to remove mobile battery once in a while. It remove the dust at touch points. It may help in solving phone hang problem. Most of the mobile phone users install all sorts of apps in their phones. In most cases, by default, the apps get installed in the internal memory of the phone.

This leaves lesser space for the running the apps and that in turn causes clogged memory. If your phone hangs, it is advisable to install apps in the external memory i.

SD Card of the phone. Usually the external memory is larger than the internal memory. And external memory can also be easily expanded if required instead of 2 GB card, just insert an 8 GB card! Therefore, in external memory more apps can be easily installed without clogging the internal memory of the phone.

This will save your phone from hanging. For this you can set the default write disk. Please note that this setting is available in slightly different location in different mobile handsets. So, you may have to do a bit of look around. You can always move the already installed apps from internal to external memory. As explained above, this will give more internal memory space for the smooth running of the apps.Galaxy Note 4 is a feature packed phone that offers everything such as excellent camera, large display screen, and tons of features.

But users have been facing a lot of trouble with their Note 4. The most common Galaxy Note 4 problems and their solution are discussed here. See also- How to fix Galaxy Note 4 screen remains black after phone calls. An old phone can lose the battery capacity with time but in the case of new phone, you need to manage the usage properly to prevent fastest battery drainage. Remember that a new phone takes few days to activate the battery completely. Solution to Galaxy Note 4 poor battery life is explained here.

So if there is any app that is not useful but draining a maximum percentage of the battery you can delete it to improve battery life. Back button sensitivity is another problem that is faced by some of the Galaxy Note 4 users.

samsung note 4 hang problem solution

What happens in this case is the back button loses sensitivity and it does not respond to all the touches. This is a hardware issue which is fixed by a front LCD assembly. You can do this on your own or else get it done by a technician or by the carrier. Lagging is another issue in Galaxy Note 4 and operating the phone becomes very tough when it lags extensively.

Opening the apps, going to the home screen, typing anything on the keyboard, general navigation and other things take a lot of time and sometimes there happen a big stutter which is really annoying. The possible solutions to this problem are listed below. Again go back to settings menu which will bring the developer option. Here you will find out windows animation scale, transition animation scale and animator duration scale.

Some users have complained that they are not able to connect to Bluetooth and though Bluetooth is getting connected sometimes but it is offering limited functionality. This problem occurs sometimes when it has reached the connection limit. Resetting will delete all the connected devices and free out spaces. Slow Wi-Fi connection or no connectivity at all is an issue in Samsung Galaxy Note 4 which can be fixed by following some methods.

Wait for few moments and then turn them again. Now try re-connecting again if the problem still exists. We did a factory reset and purchased a new genuine Samsung battery. I thought the problem was solved and has been for 3 days.

However tonight I took just one photo and the phone crashed. Wondering if this is the problem so tonight I have uninstalled Fitbit. Can you advise the next step as I about to go back to an old smaller phone that is more reliable. Share Tweet. Common Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus problems and how to fix them.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply.For some time now, Samsung has been a front runner in the race for smartphone supremacy, pushing the boundaries of what tablets and phones are capable of. Samsung has been playing with displays of different shapes and sizes recently, including flexible and curved options.

A number of agitated users of the Galaxy Note Edge have commented that they struggle with a lot of lag-related issues. Some users have reported that their camera starts to act up on the Galaxy Note Edge after a couple of days of use.

Sometimes the application works, and other times it quickly freezes, or crashes, asking users to restart the camera app. Samsung has actually commented that it does expect the battery life in the Galaxy Note Edge to be a lot smaller than it is in the Note 4, based on the second screen for the Edge, and the mAh capacity, however, there are ways to extend battery life.

Note 4 on problem /on off/hang/heat up/slow on & dead mobile solution,,other mobiles repair rol

Most smartphones today suffer when it comes to connecting to Wi-Fi hotspots and staying connected. Users have commented that the Galaxy Note Edge is no different in regards to maintaining signals.

Some users have reported that when they try to edit or change the applications on their favorites panel, they get an error message saying the panel has stopped working.

Those were some of the most regularly encountered problems with the Galaxy Note Edge. Following are the guides for how to wipe the cache partition, enter safe mode to remove an application, and hard reset on the Galaxy Note Edge.

How To. Rahul Sharma. Potential Solutions: Find out whether a particular application is responsible by force-stopping certain apps or factory resetting, then selectively re-installing applications. Do not rely on stock signal bars to check your connectivity. Problem 2 — Issues with lag. Related Videos. Comments Read comments. You Might Like.

Did you know: The Samsung Galaxy Note was mocked and predicted to flop at launch. Get the Android Authority app on Google Play.

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Your source for all things Android!The highly-anticipated follow up to the Galaxy Note 3 brought with it the latest and greatest processing package, a gorgeous QHD display, fast charging capabilities, and the myriad of software features that Samsung is known for. That said, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is not without its issues. Today, we are going to explore some of these problems that users have been experiencing with their device, as well as providing some potential solutions on how to deal with them.

There is almost always complaints regarding Wi-Fi connection when a new smartphone is released. Users of the Galaxy Note 4 have reported trouble connecting, and staying connected to Wi-Fi. Some users have complained of small pauses when they attempt to visit the home screen, load applications, or type on the keyboard. The Galaxy Note 4 can also have trouble during waking up, and general navigation. Many Galaxy Note 4 users have experienced problems trying to create a connection between car systems and Bluetooth accessories.

Sometimes the phone offers limited functionality, or refuses to pair at all.

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Some people have reported suffering from reboots where their phone restarts itself at seemingly random intervals during use. Sometimes, this application works after initial setup, but stops working after a couple of days. These are some of the most common issues that users have been experiencing with their Samsung Galaxy Note 4, and we will work to keep this list updated as new problems and solutions emerge.

Let us know if you have had any of these problems and whether our solutions helped you to fix them. Here are the guides on how to soft factory reset, hard factory reset, and boot into safe mode on your Galaxy Note 4.

samsung note 4 hang problem solution

How To. Rahul Sharma. Potential Solution: This is a design choice made by Samsung, and has been mentioned in the user manual since the Galaxy Note 2. The gap is barely noticeable, and the issue only becomes a big deal if the gap expands. Problem 2 — Issues connecting to Wi-Fi There is almost always complaints regarding Wi-Fi connection when a new smartphone is released. Potential Solutions: Turn the Galaxy Note 4 and the router off for at least ten seconds, then turn them back and retry the connection.Welcome to the GSM-Forum forums.

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I thought it was a nand problem but so it was not. Posts: 1, Member: Status: Offline Quote:.

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Call Related Issues

Originally Posted by orx. Hi first ceck power switch. Posts: 1, Member: Status: Offline ceck here Posts: 5 Member: Status: Offline hey i was wondering how do u check the power switch, and how do u check the ic, i'm very noob and this is my first time tackling hardware problem trying to not damage anything based on i'm broke as a joke.

Posts: 5 Member: Status: Offline i private msg orx with my details and he gave me this for an answer. HI your problem It could be the power or usb ic. Overheating may also be the CPU a test to as certain that don't thereis necessary always proceeds to steps. BB code is On. Smilies are On. Trackbacks are On. Pingbacks are On.

samsung note 4 hang problem solution

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Root any Device. Mark Forums Read. Thread Tools. Samsung note 4 hanging or restarting solution Hi mate My note 4 phone is getting restarting and getting hang on,i flashed the phone with latest software still no solution to this.

I dont know it is a hardware issue or not. If there is any solution for this plz post me with replies. Quote: Originally Posted by orx Hi first ceck power switch. Digg del.

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Posting Rules. LinkBack URL. About LinkBacks. Digg this Thread! Bookmark in Technorati.Samsung devices are one of the most popular devices. But the problem that many Note 4 users have been complaining about is the Galaxy Note 4 crashing issue.

Here we will discuss the reasons behind the Galaxy Note 4 freezing problem and the solutions to fix it. Try using them one by one and it will help you in resolving the issue. For that follow the below-mentioned steps carefully. Sometimes the crashing issue occurs when you open a specific app. Make sure that you have the latest version of the app, and if not, update the app. Check the reviews for that app on Samsung Apps or Google Play store and see if other users also complained about the crashing issue.

If you see this issue is common, contact the app developer and report the problem. If your Galaxy Note 4 has not been restarted for 2 or 3 days then do it now, because with the restart, the background apps and process will be closed and you will also free up the memory. If you see that the problem is still there then follow the steps:. Uninstall the apps which are not being used at all or the ones that you use rarely.

Also, delete some media files to free up internal memory. If you are using an SD card then it can cause the Galaxy Note 4 freezing issue if the card is corrupted. Remove the SD card and see if the apps are performing well. Before formatting make sure that you backup the important files. If you cannot identify the source of the crashing or freezing problem of your phone then you need to conduct a factory reset. After following all the above methods if still the app crashing problem is giving you trouble then it could be a hardware fault, so contact a technician.

Share Tweet. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. How to see billing details on Netflix. How to change the payment method on Netflix. How to check the model of Samsung TV.Galaxy Note 4 is one of the most loved phablet of Galaxy Note series of Samsung. Note series is known for their stylus along with great battery life and big display screen. Note 4 is also known as one of the most successful phone of notes series. Galaxy Note 4 was adored by many.

The reason behind it can be Galaxy S5 which was not much loved by the general users and Samsung customers. Whereas Galaxy S6 and S7 are exquisite phones and people are in love with both of them. Note 4 has a 5. Samsung stood above the competitors by introducing a curved screen phone with Note 4. Note 4 has 3 GB ram along with Snapdragon which gives it great processing power. It has external storage port and internal storage memory is of 32 GB. While rooting or performing different tweaks on your phone you might come across a problem when your phone is in bootloop or you may call it note 4 stuck Samsung logo at startup.

10 Most Common Galaxy Note 4 Problems

The following guide will deal with its solution:. I hope you made a backup of your phone somewhere on your PC or cloud. Use this guide to make a backup of your Note 4.

So in future, you never lose your data or you never get locked out of your data. It will reinstall the operating system and your phone will be as good as new. Flashing stock ROM means reinstalling the Android operating system. First of all, the following are some prerequisites that you will need to perform or download before proceeding.

Make sure you have the right ROM for your phone. If your phone is carrier unlocked and it is not branded you can use any carrier free unbranded ROM from the link above. Now how to check if your phone is branded or not.

Then use some other version of ODIN. Or use this guide to fix the problem. In conclusion, if you have any issues or queries regarding how to fix note 4 stuck Samsung logo at startup let me know in the comments.

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Do give us feedback when you successfully flash stock ROM on your Note 4 and manage to fix it. Feel free to ask if you have any problem in the guide above. If you are still using Note 4 and happy with it, let us know what is keeping you from upgrading. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Make sure you properly follow the instructions above.

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If you are still having problems then, Make sure. Hie am innocent Milazi from malawi and I have a Samsung note4 stuck on the logo please is there a way to open it? It Works.